Significance of certifications

The Industry Recognizes & Respects Digital Marketing Certifications
Today, Google, Facebook, Hubspot, Twitter and LinkedIn are universally respected names in the corporate sector. The certifications will open doors for you in the top corporates and digital marketing agencies in India and worldwide. In fact, the certifications we offer have been selected after consulting leading digital marketing professionals and industry bodies.
Digital Marketing Certifications Match Knowledge with Practical Application
Once you learn digital marketing concepts in theory, certifications are a perfect tool for validating that knowledge. Questions you are asked during your certification exams are modelled on practical application of your theoretical knowledge. That’s another reason why companies and agencies will favour you at the time of recruitment if you have the digital marketing certifications offered by BIBS.
Digital Marketing Certifications Keep You Updated with the Latest Digital Marketing Trends
The world of digital marketing is an exciting, dynamic world where changes happen every single day. Whether its search engines, social media or analytics, industry professionals innovate and improve every single aspect of the digital space. Anyone joining this amazing world may find it bewildering at times. That’s where certifications come in useful.
Digital Marketing Certifications Improve Job Opportunities and Enhance Salaries
The certifications offered by BIBS widen your knowledge, skills and experience so that you become an expert in a variety of digital marketing and digital advertising options and applications. This means more job opportunities and also, salaries show an upward trend in agencies and corporates in the digital marketing vertical for people with certifications by Google, Facebook, Hubspot, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Digital Marketing Certifications help you start up on Your Own
You can start your own venture and earn by applying digital marketing concepts you learn. Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn certifications equip you to create money spinning online ventures easily and live a fulfilling life as your own boss. Even if you set up your own digital marketing agencies, the certifications from big brands will win you the attention and respect of your clients.