Placement preparatory program

Campus placements help in shaping up the career goals of students. Recruiters test for variety of skill sets in their potential employees. Apart from academics it is expected that, students should also possess great aptitude, reasoning and soft skills.

BIBS conducts a plethora of such activities right from day one.

To prepare students for the ultimate placement process. Following are some of them:

CV Writing:
preparing the best CV for the first impression
Video resume:
In today's corporate world a self-presentation goes beyond the reach of a paper document , hence students are tutored to present a sleek introduction about themselves that help the recruiters understand the skill sets they posses
Our in-house experts dedicate a considerable amount of time in looking at your personal grooming which includes dressing & overall look and feel. The process is maintained throughout the 2 years so that by the time the students are ready for interviews they are in sync of what is expected out of them
Mock GD/PI:
Conducting multiple rounds of mock GD/PI are a part of our curriculum. This is done prior to any student sitting for an actual recruitment process. Through this activity, students get to learn their mistakes much in advance and take corrective action
The role of events like A2A, Phoenix, Brand Wars, USP & others go a long way in enhancing the self-confidence of a student in analytical thinking, public speaking & overall presentation skills. It also injects practical insights, data’s in to the thought process of a student.
Through all the above activities we ensure our students come out in an articulate manner during interviews leaving an impression which ultimately results in them bagging the job.