The first six months of the programme is a period of intense learning where students get a real time feel of industry perspectives while understanding their own talent sets. Illustrious faculty as well as a host of business leaders from across industry functions who are part of the BIBS and NSE faculty teams help students in taking the first step in understanding business management, financial markets and the corporate world.
The last 5 months pack in still more extensive learning along with a hands-on experience in advanced financial market softwares used in the live trading environment.Simulated Live market trading exposure is provided to students through NSE’s Learn to Trade (NLT) software by NSE professionals. Finance professionals and industry experts who are part of the BIBS faculty team complement this learning by helping students to apply the concepts learnt in theory to real world cases.
Mentored by experts from the Finance Industry, students are able to enhance their skills making them ready for a plethora of employment. With a range of careers in financial markets comprising capital markets, corporate finance, mutual funds, derivatives, currency or commodity markets and financial services open to them, students walk out with a placement in one of the leading companies in the very rewarding and rapidly growing financial services industry.
At the end of 11 months of rigorous training, students are placed in the best financial companies in India. After joining the jobs the students can then continue to complete the MBA Degree, which adds a new feather in their caps as they become Management Professionals with a specialisation in Finance and are alreeady trained and working in their fields of specialisation.
Induction and Fundamentals of Financial Management (11 months)
The PGPFM Programme in its first year envisages the complete corporate structure and nature of Commerce and Industry with a special focus on Financial Management and Financial Markets. Students are taught by the Illustrious BIBS Faculty and specialists from NSE thereby giving them both the academic and practical approach to their learning. The programme is distinguished in its use of simulated software provided by NSE as well as mock and live trading terminals to give the education a practical and real-time platform. Apart from this, the students also complete 2 semesters of their MBA curriculum as well as Placement and Management Skills training.
Confirmed Paid on-the-job training with PwC (6 months)
BIBS is proud to tie – up with PwC for a confirmed and paid on the job training (6 months) for PGPFM students. Successful Students may also get an opportunity to apply for Final Placements with PwC.
Placements and Completion of the MBA programme
On completion of on the job training with PwC, students are given an opportunity to be absorbed as employees in the best Finance companies. While on the Job, students complete the balance of their MBA Curriculum. This adds a special advantage to a student’s credentials as by the time the MBA Programme is successfully completed, the student has 1 year of core professional experience in the Finance vertical and this opens up a world of opportunities for the Future.