Management Guest Inspire Series

Bengal Institute of Business Studies has come up with MANAGEMENT GUEST INSPIRE SERIES, better known as MGIS, which is an interactive session between the industry corporates and the students. Here, many renowned people from different industries are invited to share their valuable experiences and spread knowledge about the corporate world to the students, giving them the overall scenario that they have to indulge themselves in the near future.

The first edition of the MGIS 2019 was held on 12th of January. The topic of discussion for the event was “learnings from life”.

The word “learnings” is defined as the knowledge acquired by the systematic study in any field of scholarly application. And who can be the best teacher than the “life” itself, when it comes to learnings!

To put a highlight on this topic, there were some honourable guest speakers, from different fields, present within us, who had witnessed the learnings of their life from various perspectives and achieved their own definition of success. Below are the names of the guest speakers-

• Lieutenant General Mr. Manoj Mukund Naravane
• Ms. Alokananda Roy
• Mrs. Agnimitra Paul
• Mr. Arun Lal
• Mrs. Anjali Saraogi
• Mr. Santanu Basu

Since they all belong from the limelight of different fields, we got the opportunity to listen to their life stories and the hurdles that they went through to reach the peak. For each of them, struggle and hard work and being true to oneself were constants throughout. We were enlightened to the fact that the learnings of life can be taken only by moving out of our comfort zone and chasing every opportunity that comes in our way with free spirits; we should make pain our closest friend and dream big as “impossible” is just a word and “failure” is just a step towards achievement.

Such inspirational words have given us, the future managers, a new light to remove the darkness of self-doubt and anxiety within us and pave the way for the new “learnings of life”.

Madhumita Saha
Media Club Member, BIBS.
BIBS as its core philosophy emphasizes on learning from the leaders. Keeping this critical requirement in mind, BIBS has developed the Management Guest Inspired Series or MGIS as it’s popularly known, a one-to-one industry to students interaction series.

This effort by BIBS increases the technical knowledge on the current business scenarios and gives aspiring MBAs an expert’s viewpoint on the subject matter.

MGIS is also the first lesson in Networking that our students learn as it provides the opportunity to meet business heads and dignitaries from across industries.

Companies like IBM, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Pepsi, Nestle, Vodafone, HSBC, Srei, BNP Paribas, Kotak Bank, Parle, Deloitte, SBI, CARE, Johnson and Johnson to name a few have graced our MGIS. Apart from corporates, likes of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Mr. Kapil Dev and Mr. Chetan Bhagat has also graced this event of ours.

The MGIS aims at creating a healthy live interaction system between the Industry and Students so that they can learn from the very people who would be offering jobs after the MBA programme.