Activities at BIBS

This is the day that all students work hard for. Two years of grit, determination, effort, toiling and perseverance for the rewards on offer on the Convocation Day. It is when the dreams take flight. When you get the return of your efforts in the form of your degree.
BIBS Got Talent
BIBS got Talent or BGT as it is popularly known, is a platform for the BIBS Students to showcase their extra-curricular talent. This annual one-day programme is a plethora of activities ranging from Choreographed Dance to rock shows to solo acts to skits and a host of other activities presented by students individually or in groups.
City Scan
This event a live outdoor learning assignment for BIBS Students. They are given various market segments like Fresh Produce, Grains and Pulses, Electronics and others for which they have to research the available markets for the same in and around Kolkata and submit a presentation on the finer details about the working of the segment ranging from Branding, Marketing,
The Start-up Challenge
This is an integral part of their Orientation Programme, an ice breaking session for the students which at once puts them on the track on which they are going to run. The entire batch is divided into smaller groups and each group invests a small sum of money in a business and tries to generate profits. The business can involve a product or a service or even a combination of
Outdoor Learning
All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy! – However when work becomes play, then it is all the more exciting to do. That is the theme behind the Annual Outbound Learning Expedition at BIBS that brings work and play together. OLE! is a day trip to an open location, where students enjoy a day of fun-filled management activity in the form of a Team based contest. Activities range