Kapil Dev Inspires Management Students

The enigmatic captain of the first World Cup winning Indian team shared his love for life, his passion and his amazing leadership skills in an interactive and enthralling session with the MBA students of BIBS (Bengal Institute of Business Studies), Kolkata
Kapil Dev in an interactive mode during his session with the BIBS MBA Students.
Motivating the students in the classroom
Sharing a special moment with the BIBS MBA students
Straight from Kapil's heart
You scored 175 on a day when your team was trailing at 17 for 5. What was the pressure on you?
“The pressure was the same like every other day, I had to perform like any other day. The only difference was that, it was my day. In life you will have your days, keep working towards that day, Everyday. That day people will talk about you. So prepare yourself for that day.”
How should we handle negativity and Criticism?
“In any situation, always take the positive aspect, if the criticism improves you, use it as a tool, if not don’t take it. Kisi ne aapko gaali di, aapne nahin li, kya farak pada, agar le li, to aap haar gaye. Work sincerely towards achievements. Be the one giving an Autograph, not asking for it.”
What qualities should a leader acquire?
A good leader knows his team well. As a leader one should respect the feeling of the team members. If a member of your team is unable to perform because his dad is unwell, then as a team leader, you should accommodate him and understand his crisis. If your team members have respect for you, then the team will always provide the best in them.
What is your biggest passion? Cricket or Golf?
“I am passionate about both, in fact it is neither, I am passionate about life, and that keeps me passionate in everything that I do.”

“Why do I have to talk about me? Or, for that matter, about my life? I’m old enough to be your father or even your grandfather! (laughter). I’ve spent substantial part of my life. It’s past. Much has been said and written about me there is nothing much left to disclose! Let us talk about you more. Tell me about yourself.”