Industry Endorses PGPIBM

“Students in today’s competitive environment need to come out of their theoretical base and have more of practical oriented learning. This programme provides and MBA aspirant with priceless experience, something that can never be replicated with any other learning. After working in an organization for 15-17 months, companies will have a tough time retaining the trained work force, which opens up a host of opportunities for students of the PGPIBM Programme.”

Mr. Dev Narayan Sarkar
Associate Director
“There is no value greater than that of work experience. What we learn practically is always more relevant than theory. With the PGPIBM Programme, the students get more than just management knowledge, they get actual work exposure which will always give them an advantage in their careers.”

Prakash Pandey
Regional HR Head
“The PGPIBM is really a very effective method of Management education. This provides the students with the right mix of academics as well as business skills that every company today is looking out for. I wish BIBS the very best for this great venture.”

Mr. Jayanta Bhattacharya
Manager- Sales
“It is amazing to see a business school calibrating Industry with Education. Students of the PGPIBM Programme will definitely get the edge amongst competition with the work experience. I wish BIBS all the best and I am sure that this will brighten the careers for BIBS Students.”

Mr. Debargha Deb
Regional Manager-HR