Chairman’s Message

India is passing through a very challenging phase, both economically and socially. We need leaders, who are confident of their abilities, have the flexibility to adapt to changing scenarios, and the heart to take on the world. We at BIBS have set out to educate the Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs of tomorrow, teaching the vital importance of competition and innovation without losing focus on the power of collaboration and responsibility.The corporate world can be very daunting for the unprepared. It becomes very important to create industry - ready managers who, along with the required knowledge, are also equipped with the soft skills necessary to survive in the business world.
At BIBS, students get exposed to corporate leaders who teach them the nuances of the actual world using real life cases. This gives every student the power of Experiential Education, which is live knowledge, decision making abilities and leadership qualities. Our challenging program with its cutting-edge realism, prepares every student to be competitive and spirited. Our practices make sure that our students are not only bright and innovative, not only grounded in both theory and practice, but also have a 'can do' attitude without losing their holistic view of life. We love to love our students. Our students are at home in our Institute. The faculty is their guide, our corporate leaders their mentors and fellow students their support system. This is the place to create relationships and friendships that will last a lifetime. This is the beginning of a lifelong network. You stand now at a juncture of uncertainty. You have big dreams, but you do not have the ability to make them happen. We at BIBS, with our intense course work, practical approach and training, will give you that ability. Together we can make it happen. So I welcome all of you to come and be a part of the BIBS family so that even you can know the way, go the way and even show the way.
Vidur Kapoor Chairman