Alumni Speak

“The journey at BIBS has been full with the learning that I would carry with me for life time. The skills and traits, t​aught to me over here through continuous monitoring of my abilities and class participation​,​ ha​ve helped me overcome my barriers. This has resulted in my current career growth. Thank you BIBS​.​"
Arindam Paul | BIBS Batch of 2014-2016
“A successful business school requires significant time, planning and self-reflection. Which I found in BIBS. The professors, faculties and brain storming events​ like Brand War, Ultimate Start-Up Plan (USP), High​-​Pie challenge and many more, are what really set the BIBS apart from the other B​usiness ​School. Faculty members urge us to discuss what we are learning and to challenge their ideas."
Kewal Manek | BIBS Batch of 2014-2016
“Time flies by, but the time that I have​ spent at BIBS ​is the stickiest. I am not only moving on with a great start to my career at PHILIPS​,​ but ​also ​I am moving on with immense knowledge, maturity, and industry readiness​. Most​ importantly​,​ ​I have ​evolved as a good human being. I salute to the entire BIBS family for their enormous support and care in every phase​, that has helped me to​build a brighter future ahead."
Maharnav Bhattacharyya | BIBS Batch of 2014-2016
“I am so elated today to have got a Final Placement at Philips. Seems like just yesterday when I was trying to cope with the immense pressure of performing as per industry standards. I must thank all the Corporate Faculty and my Mentors for never giving up on me and making me what I am today.”
Magdalene Gomes | BIBS Batch of 2016
“It has indeed been a very good decision to join BIBS for my MBA. From Day 1 we have been taught to work on our toes, learn live, and get exposure to real life happenings in business and the industry. These things have made us grow confident, knowledgeable and competitive. I could not have asked for a better return than a Final Placement in Dabur. Thank you BIBS for making a career for me.”
Avijit Bouri | BIBS Batch of 2016
“I was very shy when I joined BIBS. However, the wonderful support of the faculty members, the immensely motivating guidance from Industry Mentors and Faculty and the fierce competition in class helped me gain in confidence and become competitive. The result is an International Placement at UAE Exchange in Dubai. Thank you BIBS.”
Tista Kar | BIBS Batch of 2016
“I am delighted at getting a Final Placement with Price WaterHouse Coopers. Today all the effort that I have put in developing my management skills have paid dividends. I must thank all the faculty and mentors at BIBS for supporting and making me learn the right skills to be able to perform well in the corporate world. ”
Kaunak Bhattacharya | BIBS Batch of 2016
“Hard Work always pays and I have proven it. BIBS taught me how to apply my talent and use it to my advantage. Industry Leaders taught me the pratctical implications of management in today’s world. All that seems to have made an impact as I am placed at Agrim PTE Limited. Thank you BIBS for this life changing chance.”
Kishore Shankar Bandyopadhyay | BIBS Batch of 2013-2015
“BIBS- a school of knowledge, skills, excellence, discipline, fun, memories and many more. Two years of life at BIBS have given me an experience for a lifetime. I came here with a dream, a passion to achieve something and everything here helped me achieve larger than whatI had dreamt of.”
Sayantan Singha | BIBS Batch of 2013-2015
“I am so thankful to all the corporate experts who visited us in our class at BIBS. Their valuable inputs on industry standards and key skills, ensured that I was fully prepared and industry-ready on the day of my final interview. The result is a final placement with Hindustan Unilever Limited. Thank you BIBS.”
Abhijeet Ghatak | BIBS Batch of 2013-2015
“I say THANK YOU to BIBS with heart full of respect. Thank You for making me what I am today. I'm grateful to BIBS for bringing true success in my life.”
Siddhartha Banerjee | BIBS Batch of 2013-2015
“BFC Bahrain is where I began my career. Honestly I never thought I could get an International Placement when I joined my MBA at BIBS. What I see now is that the immense focus on the finer details of management, communication skills, grooming have made me an Industry - Ready management professional and I am confident that I will Excel. ”
Santosh Pasapu | BIBS Batch of 2015
“I am deeply honoured and truly satisfied that I chose MBA as a career option and BIBS as a college. I was so unsure when I began, not knowing where the MBA would take me. I have realized that working hard on the basics and understanding the real life scenarios is what makes an ideal MBA. Thank you BIBS for making my dreams come true."
Abhishek Dutta | BIBS Batch of 2013-2015
“I was always keen on gaining expertise on FMCD Sales and Distribution. It was my Faculty and Mentors from FMCG brands that motivated and helped me gain valuable exposure. The result is a career in Philips - Electrolux and that too in Delhi. I am extremely thankful to the mentorship that I received at BIBS.”
Avi Ganguly | BIBS Batch of 2014
“We Bibsians have always believed that practical exposure gives more insight than theoretical knowledge and this is how I came across Vodafone my dream company where I have emerged as a person who is confident and ready for any challenge. ”
Isha Rateshwar | BIBS Batch of 2013
"The unique blend of academic and Life Skills sessions helped me rediscover myself and bridge the gap between my confidence and success. With various group activities we developed our managerial skills by sharing responsibility and completing designated task with fineness. I have evolved as a professional person, fit for the corporate culture. ”
Neyazuddin Nesar | BIBS Batch of 2013
“Mr career at Dabur wouldn't have been possible without the support group at BIBS. My interest in FMCG industry was from the very start of the curriculum and my mentors helped me shape up accordingly. This grooming will be an asset for a lifetime. Thank you ”
Dipankar Mondal | BIBS Batch of 2013
“My tenure at BIBS was one of the most informative periods of my life. I got lot of inputs from the faculty and mentors. I got a deep insight into the corporate world, its processes and mannerism. I developed a lot as a professional and individual. This was a platform that elevated me from being naive graduate to industry ready post graduate.”
Amit Pal | BIBS Batch of 2012
“I had a first hand industrial experience through all the mentors and industry people who visited our campus and thus helped me in making myself ready to enter into the service world. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, so it was a wonderful experience not only related to academics but in the co-curricular activities .”
Ritik Gupta | BIBS Batch of 2012
"It gives me immense delight as I retrospect about the time spent at BIBS. Being part of the pilot had its own pros. We got utmost exposure and liberty to do things our way. BIBS provided a platform to hone skills which helped bring the best out of me both personally and professionally. It was a sheer team effort that has brought my efforts to fruition."
Snehasis Roychowdhury | BIBS Batch of 2010